Friday, October 3, 2014

Creating Videos for your Extension Program

Creating videos to share is a fun thing to do. It might also be useful for your work, either to educate your clients or market your program. The videos you create can be posted on-line, burned to DVD to distribute, or shown to an audience at an event. Here are a few tips on how to shoot and edit.

[At the bottom I've linked to my YouTube channel where you can view some videos I've created. In fact, you may want to go there first to decide if reading what I have to say on the topic is really worth your time.]

This post does NOT cover the details of using specific image editing software. I have used both iMovie for Mac, as well as Windows Movie Maker. While the interface is different, they have basically the same functionality, and are targeted to the casual user. I'm sure there are other good options as well. You really just have to get in there and poke around to figure things out. Or I suppose you could actually, like, take a class. Or find an instructional video on-line!